Wrentham Youth Baseball and Softball Association's main objectives are to develop and encourage safe, healthy and fun youth activity through baseball and softball programs, in a predominantly outdoor setting. WYBSA programs will encourage children aged 5

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We have prepared the accompanying FAQs to address questions that may arise for summer baseball. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the WYBSA.

1. How are age eligibilities determined?

Unlike our Spring Season teams, these teams represent a maximum eligible age as of April 30, 2021. 

WYBSA makes exceptions to this policy only for players who play with their grade in the preceding spring and have birthdays such that their “baseball age” would oblige them to play with players in a grade beneath their spring baseball grade cohort. Typically, these are players with birthdays between April 30 and Aept 1  

In these cases only, parents may petition the board to have their player evaluated to play both in their age group, and the age group one year above their baseball age. However, if the payer is offered a slot in the age group one year above their baseball age, the player is obliged to accept that offer and not the offer extended from their age group team.

Example 1: A Player is a June 20 2010 Birthday and is in fifth grade. The player plays with fifth graders in spring but is 10 years old as of April 30 2019, which make his a “Baseball 10”. As most fifth graders are “Baseball 11’s”, WYBSA allows that child to try out with the 11 year old age group.

Example 2: A Player is a June 20 2010 Birthday and is in fourth grade. The player plays with fourth graders in spring and is 10 years old as of April 30 2019, which make him a “Baseball 10”, like most of his fourth graders. WYBSA does not allow that child to try out for the 11 year old age group.

These guidelines apply to WYBSA competitive baseball for players aged 8 and up. As WYBSA does not offer a competitive summer program for explicitly players under the age of 8, all children under the age of 8 may try out for the 8 year old select summer team.  We allow for baseball players aged 5, 6 and 7 years old to try out for that team as there is no competitive offering for those age groups.

2.  Who is eligible to play Wrentham summer baseball?

          Only players who played in the spring WYBSA season are eligible to play summer baseball for Wrentham. In the case that a player cannot play in the WYBSA spring season due to a medical issue but would like to play Wrentham summer baseball, the matter will be taken up by the WYBSA board. 


3.  How are teams chosen?

Generally, after summer tryouts the WYBSA elects a head coach for each team. That coach then recommends his or her team for board approval. The factors used in selecting a player include, without limitation:

(1) Spring Season performance; 

(2) Summer evaluation scores;

(3) past Summer performance; and

(4) team positional needs. 


4. How and when are head coaches chosen?

WYBSA seeks a qualified head coach who has demonstrated the ability, commitment and integrity to put together a team based on merit, coach the team to play competitively, and be a leader of young men and women demonstrating the important values of sportsmanship and respect. 

5. Who scores the players at the evaluations?

Each age group will have independent evaluators, meaning, that nobody with a child trying out for that age group will be allowed to score that age. These evaluators are usually Board Members or coaches from other age groups. Similarly, except in rare circumstances, those helping on the field during evaluations will not have a child in that age group.