Wrentham Youth Baseball and Softball Association's main objectives are to develop and encourage safe, healthy and fun youth activity through baseball and softball programs, in a predominantly outdoor setting. WYBSA programs will encourage children aged 5


Wrentham Youth Baseball and Softball Association

Wrentham Softball


The Wrentham Youth Baseball and Softball Association (WYBSA) is a non-profit organization committed to providing all players an opportunity for individual growth through personal achievement and as a team member. Wrentham softball will focus on teaching the fundamentals of softball and sportsmanship. Wrentham Softball welcomes players of all skill and experience levels. 


  • Teach the fundamentals of softball and develop softball skills

  • Promote good sportsmanship through participation in a team environment.

  • Have fun and learn to enjoy the game of softball

  • Create balanced teams and an opportunity for fair competition to ensure players feel good about their team and the season


  • Attend scheduled games and practices. Softball is a team sport and part of being a good teammate is attendance.

  • Be at games on time or inform your coach in advance if you have a schedule conflict.

  • Cheer your team on and say only positive things about your opponents and the umpire.