Wrentham Youth Baseball and Softball Association's main objectives are to develop and encourage safe, healthy and fun youth activity through baseball and softball programs, in a predominantly outdoor setting. WYBSA programs will encourage children aged 5


WYBSA Softball Minors

Grades 2 - 4 | Ages 8-10

Program Objective

Softball Minors is a program intended to continue developing softball skills and introducing competition.

Field & Equipment Dimensions

  • 11" Ball (hard)
  • Base distance is 60 feet
  • 2nd base is 84 feet, 10 inches from home plate
  • Pitching rubber is 35 feet

Player Equipment Required

  • Batting helmet with face guard
  • Fielder's mask (steel)
  • Fielding glove (pigskin leather recommended)
  • Softball bat
    • ASA Softball
    • Typical bat length is 26" - 29"
  • Softball pants
  • Softball cleats (no metal)
  • Optional
    • Batting gloves
    • Sliding shorts
    • Catching equipment

Skills & Development

Skill Group Introduced Reinforced
General Respect for Players, Coaches, and Umpires Sportmanship
Softball Safety and Awareness
Catching Infield Technique (Middle, Corner)
Outfield Technique (Fly Balls)
Catching Technique
Catcher Technique
Fielding Backing up bases
Force vs. Tag plays
Fielding Technique (Ground Balls)
Fielding Positions
Hitting Live Pitch (Player)
Understanding the Strike Zone
Batting Stance
Hitting Technique
Pitching Windmill Pitching Pitching Technique
Running "Tagging Up"
Sliding Fundamentals
Base Running Strategy
Throwing "Cut Off" Plays Throwing Technique