Wrentham Youth Baseball and Softball Association's main objectives are to develop and encourage safe, healthy and fun youth activity through baseball and softball programs, in a predominantly outdoor setting. WYBSA programs will encourage children aged 5


WYBSA Softball Instructional

Grades K - 1 | Ages 6 - 7

Program Objective

Softball Instructional is a program intended for young players to continue developing softball skills in preparation for Softball Minors.

Field & Equipment Dimensions

  • 11" Ball (soft)
  • Base distance is 60 feet
  • 2nd base is 84 feet, 10 inches from home plate
  • Pitching rubber is 35 feet

Player Equipment Required

  • Batting helmet with face guard
  • Fielder's mask (steel)
  • Fielding glove (pigskin leather recommended)
  • Softball bat
    • T-Ball or ASA Softball
    • Typical bat length is 24" - 26"
  • Softball cleats (no metal)
    • Molded soccer cleats acceptable
  • Optional
    • Softball pants
    • Batting gloves

Skills & Development

Skill Group Introduced Reinforced
General Sportsmanship & Team Sports Social Skills
Field Awareness & Safety
Catching Catching Fundamentals N/A
Fielding Fielding Fundamentals
Fielding Stance & Positions
Hitting Batting Stance & Hitting Fundamentals
Live Pitch (Coach)
Pitching Pitcher Fundamentals N/A
Running Base Running Fundamentals N/A
Throwing Throwing Fundamentals N/A